Stock Replenishment

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In late October 2018 we will be getting our next container of stock from our suppliers in Indonesia. As well as replenishing our existing stock, we will also be adding many new exciting products to our range. These will include brand new wooden rocking horses and zebras. Again we will be offering these at a price that will not be matched by any other supplier online. For me details please get in touch via [email protected]

Answering the most common question we get asked at market

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Each weekend Reny’s Ark can be found at Tynemouth Market and each weekend we find ourselves answering one question: where do your beautiful wooden animal masks and statues come from?

I thought for the first blog post it would be good to give some background to this and how Reny’s Ark came about.

Reny’s Ark has been established by a husband and wife team who met in Hong Kong. From there they moved on to work in Bali, Indonesia. Here they lived in a small village called Mas which is famous throughout Indonesia and the wider world for the quality of it’s wood carving.

location map
Location of Bali, Indonesia

At this time, they began to build close relationships with many of their neighbours who were wood carvers themselves. Seeing close at hand the skill and workmanship that goes into each wooden animal statue and wooden animal mask became a fascination which quickly developed into a business opportunity.

Subsequently, extensive research of various wood carvers led to us settling on a main supplier for our wooden animal statues whose family have been carving wooden animals for generations. At this point we also sourced many of the products we sell at our weekend craft stall at Tynemouth Market such as wooden hand painted Balinese eggs.

The final step in this year long process of setting up Reny’s Ark involved managing the logistics of importing a 40ft container of wooden handicrafts across the world. This logistical undertaking has given us a huge stock basis without the need for any middlemen. As a result we are able to sell our products at a market leading price with the biggest choice available anywhere in the UK.

Ibu Dewa Wooden Eggs
Ibu Dewa working on one of the hand painted wooden eggs we sell at Tynemouth Market